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*Students are welcome to join even after the first class*



Join the InspireSTEM science class to learn a variety of science concepts in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science! Classes will emphasize conceptual understanding over rote memorization and provide real-world application problems to reinforce the lessons. Students are encouraged to ask questions and observe the natural world around them to help develop their scientific thinking skills. We will also introduce experiments that students can do at home and host virtual science competitions with awards for the winners over the course of the year. Students in grades 5-8 who are interested in exploring the world of science beyond their school classroom are welcome to attend. 

Timing: Every Other Friday From 5-6pm

First Class: December 11th


Math Formulas

Join the InspireSTEM math class to learn competition math concepts ranging from algebraic problem solving skills to statistics and geometry! We will teach various tricks to solve difficult math problems and will practice solving many problems and examples. This class is meant to prepare students for MATHCOUNTS and AMC 8 tests while teaching them concepts they might not learn in school. There will also be math contests over the course of the year with awards given out to the winners. Students in grades 5-8 who are interested in taking their math skills to the next level are welcome to attend.

Timing: Every Saturday 3-4pm

First Class: December 11th

Programming (Python)

Image by Ilya Pavlov

Join the InspireSTEM programming class to learn Python programming from basic syntax, logic, and detail programming to complex control structures and algorithms. We will also apply programming concepts by developing games and solving various challenges. Students from grades 5-8 with any level of prior experience are welcome to attend.

Timing: Every Monday 5-6pm

First Class: April 19th

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