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About Our Program

InspireSTEM is an organization dedicated to providing quality free STEM education for students of all interests and socioeconomic backgrounds. Due to the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, many students around our country have had difficulty finding instruction that is tailored to their needs. Our program covers topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and  Math that students would usually learn in middle school while also introducing modern topics that are often not seen in the classroom. By engaging students with a variety of science experiments, math contests, programming challenges, and more, we plan to integrate STEM education into the lives of all students. Through our efforts we hope to heal the wound in our nation's educational system one class at a time and help students make progress towards recovery. 

Learn Competition Science concepts ranging from Physics mechanics to Biology and Earth Sciences. We encourage students to ask questions and observe the natural world around them to help develop their scientific thinking skills.

Learn Python programming from basic data types and syntax to more complex loops and algorithms. No previous experience is required and we will apply programming concepts by developing games and algorithms.

Engineering Concepts will be implemented in the Science, Math, and Technology concepts. We will use different problem solving skills and will explore interesting engineering problems. 

Learn Competition Math concepts ranging from algebraic problem solving skills to statistics and geometry. We will teach various tricks to solve competition math problems and will practice solving many problems and examples. Students of any previous math experience are welcome!

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